lørdag 17. oktober 2009

Monte Carlo, SharePoint, Energies Trading and Office 2007 userabilty.

Hi Guy's,

If you remember correctly I had previosuly created two posts showing Office 2007 Applications producing Monte Carlo risk simulations by using Application task panes and adhering to the Office 2007 fluent ribbon standards laid down my Microsoft.

I had to remove this screen casts due to popfly shutting down, so I want to blogg a little about what I have just finished for a Large scale energies and financial BI system here in Norway.

We have SQL Server Analysis, SharePoint, Excel Services, Performance Point and Oracle. Were using a combination of WCF and Web Services to communicate information. We are using Web Applications archeiecture and Office 2007 clients for UI Elements.

Our development enviroment is DB (SQL/PLSQL), .NET 3.5, WPF/Silverlight, oXML, VBA, VSTO, SharePoint API/WebServices.

More coming soon...

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