tirsdag 17. mars 2009

Sharepoint Timer Job - Records Management

Cooming soon....Sharepoint Timer Job - Records Management MOSS

Business Case:

I have a few lists that contain documents items etc... These items needed to be sent to the Records Center when they are over 30 days old. I looked at using a workflow but this didnt fit the solution, So i created a sharepoint timer job that would poll the lists I choose, check for created date and then send the to the Archive center.

From the Archive Center I have set records routing based upon metadata (not just content type).

søndag 15. mars 2009

Sharepoint Archive Centre Problem - Host header

Hi guys,

Quick one here, if you have any problems with your farm deployment of MOSS in regards to deployment of the archive center, make sure you ensure your host header information is updated.

For example located your hosts.txt file (sometimes host.txt) add the IP and the Host header name for the portal dployment. You might have to do this for serval servers in the farm but its not a huge problem.