mandag 20. juli 2009

Dynamics AX 4.0 - MOSS 2007 Intergration

I've been away for while working on some really good WPF Sharepoint & Office Apps that will be put up later on.

This article will be in a series of articles talking about how to Develop and deploy Microsoft Dynamics Axapt 4.0 with MOSS 2007 Intergration.

Business Requirement:

Dyanmics AX 4.0 Information in federated combined MOSS 2007 search. Document handling through MOSS 2007 (Work flow, ECM (CHECKIN/OUT), Office 2007 pane intergration using WPF for PDF preview from axapta 4.0 and more..)

Things to keep in mind:

Dynamics AX 4.0 is build NOT UPON .NET!!! This is very important when designing your systems, you will need to have something called the BDC (Not MOSS BDC) But the Business Data Connector. This will be explained in more detail.

You will also need to have the Dynamics AX Enterprise portal templates, webparts and Site template defintitions. I have create adoc versions of these but my recommendations are that you use the installer found on the Dynamics AX setup disc.

Update coming soon....

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